Combining experience and high technology, the GIS Division develops solutions for geographic information systems beginning from the acquisition of spatial data (aerial photography, satellite imagery, field surveys) up to the development of complete applications that can be operated locally or remotely (intranet or internet), including training and delivery of software.

Municipality Administration

It's probably the classical application area for geo technologies. It's estimated that more than 80% of municipality’s activities are highly dependent on the localization factor.

For urban planning activities, a GIS turns it possible to relate the city map to a database containing the necessary information for the planners. All processes and tools are essential to deliver the administrator with the necessary and correct information’s for guarantee the execution with highest level of accuracy, minimum risk and increasing in that manner the credibility, that the municipality is applying its investments in a transparent and adequate way.


  • Management of urban infrastructure
  • Generic Plan of Values;
  • Approval of projects (residential, commercial and industrial);
  • Basic Cadastre Information (certification number, size and others)
  • Network Management (roads, water, sewer);
  • Traffic studies proved by technical studies in traffic engineering
  • Land Use Mapping;
  • Environmental Studies (licensing, supervision and viability analyses of new installations).
  • Estudos de impacto ambiental em implantação de novos empreendimentos.

  • Health System

    The Mapping of events related to the public health system like diseases increases the chances of a successful intervention directly focusing the localization of occurrences.


    How to monitor the environment especially in remote areas?
    How to recognize and administrate huge remote areas like the Amazon Region?
    The Geo Tools, principally Remote Sensing tools (satellite imagery and Radars) are intensively used for these kinds of applications.

    Strategical Business Planning

    OThe new concepts of business intelligence are requiring a permanent increase of Geo tools which are necessary to map the relevant factors to guarantee the success of a business giving immediate response to questions like: where are the customers, where are the suppliers, where are the competitors, and others. In that manner the decision makers are able to act and decide based on accurate information. Geo tools applied for Strategic Business Planning are called Geomarketing or Geographical Marketing Analysis.


    There are a plenty of applications of geotechnology for agribusiness. The use of satellite imagery and software enables to monitor and preview the harvest. Likewise, the dominance of the geographical component permits a better planning of land use, watershed management, topographic circumstances for planting, contamination detection, among others.


    Public services like sanitation, electricity and telecommunications are using geo tools to relate their data base with distribution.

    The installation of cell phone networks, for example, can be optimized integrating the topographic information coming from the database to reduce significantly the installation and maintenance costs. A sanitation company can manage the whole client data base and occurrences through a GIS system, including bill generation as well as technical instructions and plans for the maintenance team.