Quality Assurement


With the objective to evaluate continuously, Fototerra improves its internal and external processing chains permanently, maintaining like main focus the consistence of the delivered service and anticipation of the client’s needs.

For achieving these objectives, the organization is committing itself to put all forces for obtaining:

  • Satisfied customers due to the quality of the delivered products and services,
  • Enhancements of the production and administration processes,
  • Valorization and capacity building of the collaborators,
  • Respecting the established laws for working security, health and environment.
  • Reduzir, sempre que possível, os riscos à segurança e à saúde dos colaboradores;
  • Recognize the professional training and performance of its employees, always seeking to provide suitable environment for performance and function;
  • Comply with legislation and other requirements.

  • Following the directives of a quality system management, Fototerra establishes and maintains objectives, to observe permanently its own performance, satisfying in that way the requirements of the International Norm ISO 9001 and supplying structure for the continuous improvement.