Company operates with owned airplanes and flight licenses for mapping. The fleet consists in 03 PIPER Seneca II, T200 and 01 Cessna 206U, Embraer EMB-110 P1 Bandeirante all homologated and fully operational for LiDAR, Camera and HD AirFilm missions.

All airplanes are registers by ANAC (National Flight Agency) and Ministry of Defense. FotoTerra achieved with category ‘A’ the highest category for survey operations in national territory.

In the US the company hangar is located in Houston, TX with coordination support room and equipment storage.

In Brazil the company hangar is located about 90Km from Sao Paulo, with an area of 2.000 m², coordination support room and equipment storage.



West Houston Airport
Runway 15/33 Elevation 111'
4000' x 75' Paved w/Parallel Taxiways
FAA code : KIWS - Hours: H24
Type of Operation : Day / Night VFR / IFR
Altitude: 110ft


Bragança Paulista STATE AIRPORT Arthur Smith
Latitude: 22 58 ' 45' ' S - Longitude: 046º 32' 15 ' ' W
ICAO statement : SBBP - Hours: H24
Track code : 1 - Type of Operation : Day / Night VFR VFR
Altitude: 880m / 2,887 feet - Equity Area ( ha): 41.6



Manufacturer: Embraer - Model: Seneca II
Equipment : Camera DMC Aerea , manufacturer : ZI Germany





Manufacturer: Cesna - Models: 206
Equipment : Dealing Full Wave
Manufacturer: Trimble




Embraer Model: CENECA II
Equipment : Spectir - VS1 Hyperspectral
Manufacturer: SPECIM




Manufacturer: Piper Model: Seneca II
Equipment : Multiplatform
Operational Team and Mechanics




Embraer Model: EMB 110 -P1
Equipment : Medusa - Monitoring Off Shore
Manufacturer: Optimare Gnbh



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