In 2005, the Fototerra partners started its LidAR in Chile, a new company was incorporated, named Digimapas Chile, using simultaneously two digital cameras in combination with a high resolution laser mapping system, specially designed for forest monitoring and management systems.

Major objective of the survey was the estimation of the biomass content in about 7.000.000 hectares of mountainous forests. Within 5 years the whole area was imaged in 25 cm GSD (RGG, Laser). The generated products like image mosaic, elevation model and maps are the highest resolution database available in the country.

This data base is the unique accurate cartographic source which remained after the terrible Earthquake of 2010. The elevation models and images are intensively used as reference for land displacement and deformation analysis, risk monitoring and indispensible planning source for rescue teams and reconstruction.

After long-term and high-end experience in Chile market, in 2010 Digimapas/Fototerra introduced in Brazil the brand new LiDAR generation operating at 400 MHz Lidar system in full wave form.