Air HRSC Digital Camera – AX


Fototerra is the first Latin American company to operate aerial photographs with a digital sensor, the camera HRSC-AX.

Fototerra was the first company in Latin America to introduce  of Digital Photogrammetric image acquisition  for commercial use.

In 2004 Fototerra held partnership with the German Aerospace Institute - DLR and operated  first project with the base composition mapping in 10 areas in northeastern Bahia.

The project resulted in the generation of colored Trueortofotos with spatial resolution of 0.20 m and digital mapping (planimetric and altimetric) at 1:2,000 scale.

Today Fototerra already has the experience of 3 years of operations with the digital camera HRSC-AX and more than 10,000 km2 being the pioneer in this technology.

Developed from studies of orbital sensors in 1996, within the context of the Mars-96space mission from European Space Agency, the digital camera HRSC-AX has 9 tiipothe linear CCDs with 1200 pixels / CCD, with five CCDs present setting for stereoscopic  (3D) image and other four CCDs  configuration for of multispectral image composition (red, green, blue and infrared).

With a focal length of nominal 150mm the HRSC-AX system generates high-resolution digital images with excellent quality, unsurpassed accuracy and speed.

Toother with  other secondary systems , HRSC-AX  provides true orthophotos -Trueortofotos, with minimal human interference, which gives speed and reliability to the data.

Gyro-Stabilized Platform T-AS

Platform used to provide precise positioning and stable airborne sensors in airborne operations. Among the main features of this platform is the damping of mechanical vibrations generated during the flight and also the ability to provide the position sensor installed NADIR (vertical).

Sistem GPS/IMU


It is used for the determination with high precision of the position and attitude parameters of the sensors.


True Orthofoto is the evolution of old analog Orthophotos. They have the same characteristics of an Orthoimage, the geometry of a linear map with the visual quality of an image. It has the advantage presenting all elements in the image in Nadir (vertical position) and prevents the occurrence of elements in occlusion.

Product - Basic Acquisition


The system generates four HRSC-AX native products of spatial resolution between 0.2 and 0.12 m with absolute clarity within the SGP A (Standard cartographic accuracy) between 1:2,000 and 1:1,000 scales, depending intrinsically height the flight.

The products generated are::


  • Trueortofoto Color (RGB)
  • Trueortofoto panchromatic
  • Trueortofoto Infrared (NIR)
  • MDS - Digital Surface Model