Digital Flights

The digital aerial photography coverage is the name given to a set of vertical aerial images, technically obtained from an aircraft  that correctly and completely represent the terrain surface to be studied. The application is made with digital acquisition devices, in other words, with digital cameras and recording processes.


Analogical Flights

A analogical photogrammetric flight is executed with analogical cameras to obtain aerial photographical coverage of determined region of the ground surface.

Therefore, the analogical aerial photogrammetricy coverage is the name given to the set of vertical aerial photographs taken from an aircraft technically correctly and completely representing the terrain surface to be studied. The implementation is done with analog acquisition equipment, ie by analogical cameras, and films.

Notwithstanding Fototerra is considered Latin Americas pioneer in the use of a digital sensor, the company  also uses analogicaltechnology to carry out projects. The applications are decided in accordance with the project demand and feasibility of use of technology, always in order to fulfill the  demand and  expectations of our customers.