Survey off-shore

The growing demand for services and technical units with higher added value, has stimulated FOTOTERRA in your operational dynamics to seek technological solutions and services to meet these opportunities.

Thus FOTOTERRA began in 2004 to invest in Off-Shore Geodetic demands and defined a new operational phase in his story of service.


A SURVEY FOTOTERRA, offers solutions and services of undocking, docking and movement; products, technology and services in Geodesy, suited the demands of exploration and production, including the solutions not only technical knowledge, but embedded systems hardware and software or browsed.

From the Macaé base the unit SURVEY now offers an expanded portfolio of products and services for numerous offshore operators on the Brazilian coast, thus seeking adding value to projects and operational opportunities.

  • Multidisciplinary teams SURVEY;
  • ROV Systems - 100,150 e 250 hp WC;
  • AUV Systems - Self Navigation;
  • Embedded systems - METROLOGY;
  • Air monitoring systems;
  • Processing of critical data;